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Turrgane Estate

Turrgane Estate

  • Now launching phase 2
  • First phase sold out
  • Exclusive privacy in this upmarket estate
  • Sales office now open

Luxury holiday homes with sweeping sea views or in our pristine natural forest:

  • 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom units from ZAR 690,000.00 (no sea view)
  • 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom units from ZAR 890,000.00

Customise your own unit.

Hotel and restaurant on site:

  • Swimming pool
  • Shop
  • Security guards
  • Controlled entrance gate
  • Ponta do Ouro is a short 13km drive away
  • New highway to Maputo under construction to be completed in 2017 makes it a 90 minute drive to the city and Airport

Earn an income by using our centralised letting pool or just keep your unit exclusively for your own use.

Terms & Conditions

Prices and specifications correct at time of printing, prices and styles may change.

Terms of payment:

  • 30% deposit with order
  • 40% payable when roof, base, walls are completed
  • The balance of the contract amount is payable on completion

All building is done in strict compliance with South African building regulations. The building contractor has built in excess of 50 houses in Mozambique.

A 3 month warranty is given on the house.

Careful attention is paid to issues like Environmental Conservation, Safe Building Standards, and the local Ecology.

Build Specifications



Where a particular material is unavailable at the time of construction then the buer can select an alternative material of equal value provided that it is in compliance with the local building regulations and is readily obtainable by the building contractor and the cost of using it similar to the material being substituted.

Base Plates

(Patent No 81/6187) The 1.6 mm galvanised and patented base plate used has been specially designed to ensure that the whole construction forms a unit with the foundation and floor slab.It is placed on the face brick foundations and fixed to the floor slab with concrete by means of foundation bolts and reinforced steel.

Outer Walls

The outer columns are bolted to the base plate. On the outside between every two columns a 9 mm fibre cement sheet is fixed with aluminium cover strips. The fibre cement sheets project beyond the floor slab to the brick foundation to form a waterproof and dust-proof seal at the bottom. Aluminium cover strips between the fibre cement sheets are screwed to the columns. A further 0.60 mm stud is placed between the two steel columns and on the inside a 12.7 mm Gypsum Rhino board is screwed to all three columns to ensure maximum rigidity. The joints and screw-down tops are dressed with a gypsum material and smoothed to give an even finish. Together with the outer and inner panels, a 94 mm wall is formed which ensures maximum rigidity and insulation.


The windows are of a composite construction and are placed between the full-length columns on top of shorter columns where required. If a window takes up more than one column, a bearer beam is built in. This beam, together with the other columns, is bolted to the top rails. The windows vary in size and are available in sizes 1 to 3 modules wide and from 600 mm to 1.8 m high, provided with 3 mm or 4 mm glass, depending on the size.

Pelmets: The necessary pelmets, manufactured from timber are fixed on the inside over the windows. Double rails are supplied as standard.

Roof Construction

Please note: One truss is placed on each module to ensure uninterrupted rigidity. The trusses are conventional wooden trusses incorporating suitable bracings and wooden laths according to Engineering Specifications. The pitched roof with roof pitch of 20° is clad in galvanised Iscor S-Rib Supraspan hardened corrugated iron sheets, 0.5 mm thick stretching from the roof ridge to the gutters, with no horizontal joints. The roof overhang is 600 mm.

Harvey tiles: A Harvey tiled roof, enhancing the appearance of your house can also be supplied. The Suppliers give a 30 year guarantee.

Sisalation: Sisalation can be fitted under the roof for extra insulation at an extra cost.

Inner Walls

The inner walls of 12.7 mm Gypsum Rhino boards are screwed on either side of the steel framework – no cover strips are used. The joints between the boards are filled with gypsum material and carefully smoothened off. Standard Supawood wooden skirting boards screwed to the steel framework round off the inner walls at floor level.


Standard 6 mm Rhino boards screwed to wooden cross laths by means of steel H-sections are provided to seal off joints between boards to give a smooth finish. Cornices round off the ceilings against the walls.

Fibre glass insulation: On top of the ceiling boards between the trusses 50 mm glass fibre blankets are laid to complete the insulation.

Gutters, Down Pipes and Fascias

Square galvanised gutters and down pipes are supplied and they are fixed neatly and firmly to steel fascias on the truss ends. The gables are rounded off with steel fascias to give an uninterrupted and durable finish.


Front door: A solid six panel Meranti wooden front door is supplied.

Back door: BC 133 – semi solid as approved by the SABS 0157 – part 2.

Inner door: Flush panel inner doors are supplied with chromium-plated mortise locks.


Our experienced, trained Erector and his labourers erect the house or building you decide upon.

Items included in the erection cost The following items are included in the erection cost and are not your responsibility: Erection of the basic construction as set out in paragraphs 1–8.

Regular inspections by a senior inspector to ensure continuous high quality workmanship.

Erection requirements The following requirements are applicable before the erector leaves for the site: The road to the site must be passable by a two-wheel drive lorry.

If NOMC is not responsible for supplying water, adequate water must be available on the site, as well as all foundation and filling materials.

Indoor Plumbing

The following first grade quality items are included in the prices given in the price list under item "Indoor plumbing" and on the plans where applicable.

First bathroom: One first grade 1800 mm built-in white bath with handles (Acrylic) One white porcelain hand washbasin 560 mm x 406 mm on pedestal, One white low-level toilet set One 150 litre electric geyser Towel rail, soap holder and toilet paper holder, All taps, piping and fittings for cold and hot water to complete indoor plumbing work up to outside wall. Copper piping used throughout.

Second bathroom: The same as for first bathroom but only one x 150 litre electric geyser is supplied.

Water connection: IMPORTANT, It is not included in the price list, but can be quoted for. However, should this Firm undertake the installation of plumbing items, the water must be connected during erection to subject piping to pressure in order to test for possible leakages. If connections are not done during erection and while the erector is on site, this Firm shall not accept responsibility for any leakages in piping that may occur later.

Glazed Wall Tiles

At extra cost you may choose from a wide range of coloured tiles to suit your own colour scheme. Bathrooms and toilets can be tiled to a height of 1,350 metre and showers 1,800 metre. Availability and adaptation of specific colours cannot be guaranteed.

Floor Covering

Laminated wooden flooring is supplied and no further covering is supplied.

Carpet tiles: Alternatively carpet tiles can be supplied at extra cost.

IMPORTANT: It may happen that when the erection of the house is completed the floor slab is still too wet to lay the floor cover. In such case the cost of labour only may be deducted from the amount due. If our erector must return to the site to lay the floor tiles, a new tariff, which includes labour, travelling and boarding costs will be charged.


The price quoted for painting includes the following: One primer coat and one surface coat of high quality paint in one colour. Two coats of white paint for the ceilings. Semi-gloss enamel for kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Door- and window frames, gutters, down pipes and fascia boards painted with gloss enamel in one colour of your choice. Prices for colour shades for different rooms are available upon request. Roofs are excluded.

Built-In Cupboards

Standard cupboards included in price list. Only selected "Red Oak Supawood" veneer boards are used to ensure a uniform pattern throughout. Built-in cupboards from one to four modules in size, as well as kitchen cupboards, room-dividers and built-in dressing tables, with or without mirrors, are available upon request. Cupboards are ceiling height with small doors on top and are fully equipped with shelves, rails and locks. Drawers are available on request.

Electricity Supply

Electrical wiring harness: Prices included in the price list under item Electricity. Samples of the harness wires are regularly submitted to the SABS for testing and the results are available upon request. The distribution board, complete with the required circuit breakers and earth leakage, as well as all switches for lighting and power points and stove and geyser points, forms part of the wiring harness and is included in the price quoted for wiring harness.

Electrical connection: A qualified electrician shall be responsible for the coupling of all switches, lampshades, wall plugs, geysers and other electrical apparatus, supplying electric cables from any connection point to the distribution board and all lampshades and connection to power supply. When your requirements and needs have been determined, we can provide you with a complete quotation for the electricity connection.


Electric geysers: A 150 litre Hotshot high-pressure geyser is supplied for a house with a single- or second bathroom. We can also quote for larger geysers. Geysers are supplied and installed complete with drip tray, pressure release valve and piping connected to the central water system.

Outdoor Sewerage

We can supply all materials required for the outdoor sewerage and if permitted, we do the installation. Otherwise the services of local plumbers must be obtained. Relevant prices are available for the following possible sewerage systems:

Septic tank: A glass fibre reinforced concrete septic tank is supplied with 21 metre 100 mm pipe for a single bathroom or 30 metre for two bathrooms, complete with attachments and pipe work bend plus two gullies for a single bathroom and three gullies for two bathrooms. For longer pipes a new price will be calculated. A french drain, consisting of a hole filled with stone, is connected to the septic tank. The client himself must provide the stones for the french drain.

Sewerage suction pits for town areas.

Central sewerage system.

IMPORTANT: If NOMC supplies and installs any of the 3 possible systems mentioned above, the following are applicable:

  • The soil must be pickable to the required depth, to build, or for connecting purposes.
  • The required depth must not exceed 2 metres.
  • The site must have a fall of at least 1:40 to allow adequate drainage.
  • No obstructions or uncompacted soil must be present.

Sufficient information about the requirements of the particular municipality must be available.

The foundation consists of a 250 mm x 450 mm strip foundation on which are built a 220 mm wall of at least three bricks high with a face brick finish on the outside.

Foundation materials: National & Overseas can supply all foundation materials required, but client may be able to obtain them cheaper. The materials consist of:

  • Pure Portland cement (SABS quality).
  • Clean, sharp river sand, free from organic matter or clay.
  • Broken stone, not larger than 19 mm free form dust or clay.
  • Easily compactable filling material.

Wire reinforcing for bricks if built higher than four rows of bricks. Should poor quality foundation materials be supplied, National & Overseas shall not accept any responsibility for subsequent damage if the foundation floors crack, sag, lift, flake off, move or if the floor covering looses. Termite treatment of soil is excluded but a quotation will be given if required.

Foundation work: Included in the basic price. Should there be any deviation from the standard type of foundation as approved by the CSIR, extra labour cost will be negotiated. Should it be found that, because of the location of the site, which has not previously been determined, more than the minimum of three rows of bricks are required to get the floor slab level, such costs shall be for the client's account. The client will be consulted beforehand in this connection.

Floor slab: A concrete slab of at least 90 mm is cast on the foundation and filling and worked to a reasonably smooth finish to suit the type of floor covering decided upon.

Reinforcing: steel 6 mm reinforcing steel, which the foundation bolts are fixed, is included in the price, and laid criss-cross over the entire floor surface, about 1000 mm apart.


Terms of payment:

  • 25% deposit with order
  • 50% payable when material is ready for delivery
  • The balance of the contract amount is payable on completion of erection as per order, or with occupation whichever is first.

All building is done in strict compliance with South African building regulations. The building contractor has more than 50 years experience in the industry and is a member of several industry bodies.

Careful attention is paid to issues like Environmental Conservation, Safe Building Standards, and the local Ecology.